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What is the best way to advertise an open house on your site?

Not all of our data feeds will display open houses and our data feeds run every 24-48 hours.  The recommended and quickest and most guaranteed way to advertise an open house on our site is to add it in your Advertiser Center account. 
It's a quick and easy process.  Below are the steps that are required.
2.) Enter your e-mail address and password
3.) Click on the "Listings" tab at the top of the screen
4.) Click on the listing that you are having the open house for
5.) The 5th box on the left-hand side allows you to promote your open house on our site.  Select the date and time of the open house
6.) Click "Save Open House"
Within the hour, consumers will be able to view your listing when sorting by "Open House" on our site.  "Open House" will also appear in light green bolded letters on the search results page  and will appear directly below the primary photo on the property details page.
Below is a video that walks through the steps above.


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